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Field Trips

Triassic to recent geodynamics of the Slovenian Southern Alps 

Sedimentary and tectonic processes on a Late Jurassic passive margin and its inversion during Alpine orogeny in the Lofer area

The type Gosau Basin in Northern Calcareous Alps

Structural geology in the Underground - Excursion to the largest ice cave in the world

Scheelite mine Mittersill

From shelf to abyss – the Paleogene record around Salzburg

Transect across the Eastern Alps

Early Cretaceous evolution in the central Northern Calcareous Alps

Sediment-landform associations of major glaciations in the North Alpine Foreland

Balaton Highlands

Mass transport deposits, geometry, depositional regime and biostratigraphy in a Late Jurassic carbonate-clastic radiolaritic basin fill (Salzburg Calcareous Alps) 



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