Pre-EX6     Mon 10. September 2018    1 day

From shelf to abyss – the Paleogene record around Salzburg
Guide: Hans Egger

During this fieldtrip Paleogene outcrops at a transect through the Penninic Basin will be shown. These outcrops are located within three major tectonic units of the Eastern Alps, which represent different paleogeographic domains of the northwestern Tethys: (1) the Helvetic domain, which comprises sedimentary strata of Middle Jurassic to Upper Eocene age, deposited on the shelf and upper slope of the southern European plate in a passive margin setting. (2) the Penninic domain, which developed during Jurassic and Cretaceous times and was eliminated due to collision between the European and Adriatic Plates in the Lutetian; (3) the Adriatic domain, including the Northern Calcareous Alps, which formed part of the northern, active margin of the Adriatic microplate in the Cretaceous and early Paleogene.

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