Post-EX1     Fri 14. - Mon 17. September 2018    4 days

Transect across the Eastern Alps
Guide: Johann Genser & Franz Neubauer

The four-day excursion is aimed to present an overview on tectonic units, classical outcrops and recent research results in a N-S section across the Eastern Alps, from Salzburg to the northernmost Southalpine unit. Particular attention will be on formation of the Triassic passive margin and the progressive Cretaceous to Neogene nappe stack and stages of orogenic collapse. The excursion will touch the southern part of the Northern Calcareous Alps, the internal structure (nappe stack and extensional allochthons) of Austroalpine units, the Penninic units of the Tauern window, the Periadriatic fault and the Neogene basin related to it and the Southalpine units of the Carnic Alps and the Karawanken Mts.

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