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Early Cretaceous evolution in the central Northern Calcareous Alps
Guide: Krische, Oliver, Grabowski, Jacek, Bujtor, Laszlo, Gawlick, Hans-Jürgen

This field trip will provide new insights in the latest Jurassic to Early Cretaceous depositional history of the central Northern Calcareous Alps based on new data from: biostratigraphy, sedimentology (e.g., facies, component analysis), biogeography, geophysics (e.g., magnetic stratigraphy, magnetic susceptibility, gamma ray spectrometry), geochemistry from a basinal perspective. Starting in the latest Jurassic we will see deep-water Calpionella limestones with intercalated mass transport deposits and turbidites made of shallow-water material from a contemporaneously growing carbonate platform. Backstepping of this platform is manifested by a fining upward-trend in the sedimentological record. The final drowning of this platform in the Middle Berriasian resulted in the basin in starvation and an isotope excursion. Middle Berriasian to Valanginian deposition is characterized by marly deposition with intercalated turbidites containing older material. Still in the Valanginian intense redeposition from the hinterland started and mass transport deposits with e.g., components from the obducted Triassic-Jurassic Neotethys-Ocean floor. Sea-level changes triggered in the timespan Late Valanginian to Early Aptian (basin is filled) the deposition, mass transport deposits occur during lowstand phases. We will present this history on base of a multi-method approach with a lot of additional results regarding e.g., the Jurassic/Cretaceous-boundary, the Early Cretaceous geodynamic history of the Eastern Alps in one of the most prominent areas of the Northern Calcareous Alps: the Salzburg and Berchtesgaden Calcareous Alps.

Oberalm to Rossfeld Fms Leube Kreide FT Oberalm to Rossfeld (Leube)

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