General Themes of Sessions

GT1       Earth System Sciences
GT2       Stratigraphy, Palaeontology and Palaeogeography
GT3       Sedimentology, Facies Analysis
GT4       Magmatism
GT5       Metamorphism
GT6       Mineralogy and Applied Mineralogy
GT7       Tectonics
CT8       Quaternary Geology and Landscape Evolution
GT9       Geophysics and Seismology
GT10     Economic Geology
GT11     Energy Ressources (Hydrocarbon, Geothermy)
GT12     Hydrogeology
GT13     Geohazards
GT14     Engineering Geology and Urban Geology
GT15     Cultural heritage
GT16     Education in Geology and Public Awareness
GT17     Open Session


GT1 Earth System Sciences                                      

GT1-1 Stable Isotopes in Earth System Sciences    Description
Convenors: Ana-Voica Bojar, Christophe Lecuyer, Gabriela Cristea & Andrzej Pelc

GT2 Stratigraphy, Palaeontology and Palaeogeography                                                                            

GT2-1 Triassic of the Tethys realm    Description
Convenors: Martin Djakovic, Sigrid Missoni, Adamantios Kilias & Tea Kolar-Jurkovsek

GT2-2 Climate and biota of the Cretaceous and early Paleogene    Description
Convenors: Hans Egger & Alfred Uchman

GT2-3 Darwin atoll like development within the territory of CBGA regions    Description
Convenor: Geza Csaszar

GT2-4 Jurassic system of the Carpatho-Balkan realm and adjacent regions    Description
Convenors: Michal Krobicki, Hans-Jürgen Gawlick, Jozef Michalik & János Haas

GT2-5 Cretaceous post-ophiolithic sedimentation and Gosau-type basins    Description
Convenors: Michael Wagreich

GT2-6 New developments in Paratethys Research    Description
Convenors: Mathias Harzhauser & Werner Piller

GT2-7 The Anthropocene in the CBGA regions    Description
Convenors: Michael Wagreich,Corina Ionescu & Agnieszka Gałuszka

GT3 Sedimentology, Facies Analysis                                   

GT3-1 Sedimentary petrology as a tool for understanding of the geological history of the Carpatho-Balkan region    Description
Convenors: Katarzyna Górniak

GT4 Magmatism

GT4-1 Adakitic signature and its geotectonic significance for the volcanic and intrusive rocks where present (with special regard to the Southeast European Mountain belts - from Eastern Alps to westernmost Turkey)    Description
Convenors: Herve Martin,  Anca Dobrescu,  Ioan Seghedi & Orhan Karsli

GT4-2 Magmatism of the Tethyan realm: From petrology and geochemistry to paleotectonic reconstructions    Description
Convenors: Dejan Prelević, Kristina Šarić & Vladica Cvetković

GT4-3 Granitic rocks and their role in the orogenic belts    Description
Convenors: Milan Kohut & Fritz Finger

GT4-4 Neogene to Quaternary volcanism in the eastern-central and southeast Europe: from source to the surface    Description
Convenors: Szabolcs Harangi, Ioan Seghedi, Károly Németh and Réka Lukács

GT5 Metamorphism

GT5-1 Tectonometamorphic processes in Alpine and pre-Alpine orogenic belts     Description
Convenors: Marian Janák, Mirijam Vrabec, Sha Wali Faryad & Dušan Plašienka

GT6 Mineralogy and Applied Mineralogy

GT6-1 Minerals – building blocks of rocks and man-made materials: Properties, stability, and alteration processes    Description
Convenor: Andreas Lüttge

GT7 Tectonics

GT7-1 Tethys-releated tecronics in southern Eurasia    Description
Convenors: Yongjiang Liu, Bo Wan, Wenjiao Xiao, Fuyuan Wu & Franz Neubauer

GT7-2 Late Permian to Triassic magmatism in Southeast European mountain belts: palaeogeography and tectonic processes    Description
Convenors: Franz Neubauer, Sibila Borojević Šoštarić

GT7-3 Orogenic processes in the Alpine-Balkan-Carpathian-Dinaric orogen: The relationship between tectonics and basin formation    Description
Convenors: Liviu Matencou, Marinko Toljic & Franz Neubauer

GT7-4 Active tectonics around the Adriatic microplate and its far-field effects    Description
Convenors: Marko Vrabec; Kamil Ustaszewski & Christoph Grützner

GT7-5 Modelling of mountain building processes in the Alpine-Balkan-Carpathian-Dinaric (ABCD) orogen system    Description
Convenors: Ernst Willingshofer, Oğuz H. Göğüş & Jörg Robl

GT7-6 Metamorphic core complexes from Eastern Alps to western Turkey    Description
Convenor: Shuyun Cao

GT8 Quaternary Geology and Landscape Evolution

GT8-1 Quantifying landscape evolution during the Plio- and Pleistocene    Description
Convenors: Zsófia Ruszkiczay-Rüdiger, Stephanie Neuhuber, Christopher Lüthgens, Jürgen Reitner & Bernhard Salcher

GT8-2 Earth surface dynamics in changing environments    Description
Convenors: Andreas Lang & Jan Christoph Otto

GT9 Geophysics and Seismology

GT9-1 Geophysics and Seismology

GT10 Economic Geology

GT10-1 Mineral Deposits in the ABCD Region    Description
Convenors: Johann G. Raith & Frank Melcher

GT10-2 From subduction to post-collision: tectonics, magmatism and ore deposit controls along the Anatolian-Caucasian-Iranian segment of the Tethys belt    Description
Convenors: Hervé Rezeau, Marc Hässig & Robert Moritz

GT10-3 Stone, cement, binder, adobe and other construction materials - from a geological perspective: characterization and sustainable use    Description
Convenors: Ákos Török; Richard Přikryl & Magdalini Theodoridou

GT10-4 Geochronology, whole rock and mineral chemistry as assessment tools for magma fertility and ore formation in magmatic-hydrothermal systems    Description
Convenors: Kalin Kouzmanov, Albrecht von Quadt, Irena Peytcheva & Istvan Marton

GT10-5 Lithium deposits – Challenging geology for exploration and mining    Description
Convenors: Thomas Unterweisacher & Vladimir Simic

GT11 Energy Ressources (Hydrocarbon, Geothermy)

GT11-1 Petroleum systems and hydrocarbon exploration in the Carpathian-Balkan region    Description
Convenors: Reinhard Sachsenhofer & Gabor Tari

GT12 Hydrogeology

GT12-1 Coastal groundwater aquifers – history, risks and Management    Description
Convenors: Xhume Kumanova & Gunnar Jacks

GT12-2 Groundwater as Main Resources in Potable Water Supply of SE Europe - Challenges and Perspectives    Description
Convenors: Zoran Stevanović, Aleksey Benderev & Peter Malik

GT13 Geohazards

GT13-1 Extreme Events and Natural Hazards in Alpine Environments    Description
Convenors: Jörg Robl & Günther Prasicek

GT14 Engineering Geology and Urban Geology

GT14-1 Blasting and excavation methods    Description
Convenors: Maria Chatziangelou & Basile Christaras

GT15 Cultural heritage

GT15-1 The role of volcanic geoheritage to promote better understanding of volcanic processes through geoeducation and geotourism    Description
Convenors: Karoly Nemeth & Ingomar Fritz

GT15-2 Geoconservation    Description
Convenors: Heinz Kollmann, Goran Režun, Goran Pavić, Goran Radonjić, Barnabas Korbely, Alexandru Andrassanu, Nickolas Zouros, Ilias Valiakos, Charalambos Fassoulas & Emmanuel Reynard

GT15-3 Composition, technology and provenance of archaeological artifacts    Description
Convenors: Corina Ionescu, Bernadett Bajnóczi &Antonín Přichystal

GT15-4 Culture Geology    Description
Convenors: Hisashi Suzuki

GT15-5 The study of the effects of temperature changes on archaeological marble    Description
Convenors: Abdelraheem Ahmad

GT16 Education in Geology and Public Awareness

GT16-1 CEEPUS – Earth Science Studies in Central and South-Eastern Europe – an ongoing success    Description
Convenors: Corina Ionescu, Kristina Šarić, Franz Neubauer & Michael Wagreich

GT17 Open Session
Convenors: N. N. & N. N.

For this session, all contributions are welcome not fitting to General Themes GT1 – GT16 or Special Themes (ST).







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