Modelling of mountain building processes in the Alpine-Balkan-Carpathian-Dinaric (ABCD) orogen system
Conveners: Ernst Willingshofer, Oğuz H. Göğüş & Jörg Robl

The ABCD portion of Alpine-Himalayan mountain range and the adjacent basins (e.g Pannonian, Aegean) has been the target of many geological and geophysical studies producing a wealth of data, which is fundamental input for advanced modelling techniques that provide quantitative insights into for example dynamic aspects of plate collision and associated vertical motions, syn-convergent extension and orocline development in the ABCD mountain belt.

In this session, physical analogue, analytical or numerical modelling contributions are invited which address fundamental aspects of mountain building processes and multi-scale feedback relations between (near)surface and deep crustal/lithosphere processes relevant for understanding the evolution the Alpine-Balkan-Carpathian-Dinaric mountain belts.

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