Groundwater as Main Resources in Potable Water Supply of SE Europe - Challenges and Perspectives
Conveners: Zoran Stevanović, Aleksey Benderev & Peter Malik

The ​​Carpathian – Balkan and adjacent areas (Alps, Dinarides, Hellenides, Pindos) in SE Europe are abundant with groundwater accumulated in karstic aquifers of numerous mountain massifs and intergranular aquifers of wide valleys and basins. The percentage of the participation of groundwater in public supply varies from country to country, the highest is in Montenegro, where it exceeds 90 %. Many large settlements, including all capital cities of this region, with exception of Sofia, base their water supply on the well-fields located along river banks or are tapping large springs. On the other hand, there are frequent problems of the unstable groundwater regime especially concerning karstic springs and the aquifer vulnerability on pollution, which require special attention and need to apply measures that would help to amortize negative anthropogenic impacts and ensure the continual use of these precious water resources. The session includes presentation on various sub-topics such as hydrogeology research methodology, groundwater budget and resources assessments, innovative water tapping and discharge control techniques, aquifer vulnerability mapping, delineation of sanitary protection zones, all followed by case examples from water practice.

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