Neogene to Quaternary volcanism in the eastern-central and southeast Europe: from source to the surface
Conveners: Szabolcs Harangi, Ioan Seghedi, Károly Németh and Réka Lukács

Volcanic activity during the Neogene to Quaternary had a significant impact in this area comprising eruptions of wide range of magmas and almost all types of volcanic processes. There is a strong link to the complex geodynamic evolution of this region and there is a particular interest on the latest, the most recent volcanic eruptions. All of these make certain areas, such as the Carpathian-Pannonian Region and the Aegean Region as natural laboratories for volcanic phenomena involving the subvolcanic processes. Understanding volcanic activity requires knowledge on the source processes, i.e. the condition of magma generation in the mantle, constraints the magma differentiation and particularly the pre-eruption processes, description of the magma storage system and finally, characterization the mechanism of volcanic eruptions as well as dating accurately the past volcanic events. This session aims to enhance cross-disciplinary interactions bringing together scientists who work various issues on understanding volcanoes and volcanic processes, particularly through the studies in this part of Europe by using field observations, petrologic and geochemical data, volcanology, geochronology, geophysics, numerical and experimental models, etc.

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