Triassic of the Tethys realm
Convenors: Martin Djakovic, Sigrid Missoni, Adamantios Kilias & Tea Kolar-Jurkovsek

The Triassic of the Tethyan realm is controlled by the interplay of the Palaeo-Tethys closure and the Neo-Tethys evolution and the subsequent Pangaea break-up. Beside this overall geodynamic pattern and a plethora of controversially discussed topics, additional global events affected the sedimentary record in the Tethyan realm: the huge Middle and Late Triassic carbonate ramps and platforms underwent several stages of their demise and aftermath. This session welcomes all contributions that present the complexity of responses in biodiversity and in sedimentary systems, which enhance our understanding in the controlling processes in the basin formation and carbonate platform evolution in the Tethys realm. Contributions dealing with topics unravelling the controversial discussions in palaeogeography, metamorphism, age dating, and in all scales of enquiry and methodological approaches are welcome including field studies, geochronological and geochemical data sets, experimental approaches, numerical modelling, and geophysics.

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