Granitic rocks and their role in the orogenic belts
Conveners: Milan Kohut, Fritz Finger

Granitic rocks and their metamorphic equivalents make up a substantial part of the continental crust, highlighting the fundamental role played by granitic magmatism in controlling continental crust growth and evolution. However, the origin of granitic magmas remains a highly controversial topic, because it involves a number of different interplaying parameters, reflecting contrasting geotectonic settings. Generally, the parameters like nature and composition of the magma sources, causes and conditions of melting, processes of magma differentiation and post-magmatic modifications, emplacement and residence at mid–upper crustal levels are reflecting thermal regime and rheology of the continental crust. Granite magmatism thus plays a significant role in the tectono-metamorphic processes associated with formation and exhumation of orogenic belts. Granites form an important constituent in the entire Carpathians-Balkan realm, mirroring its crust evolution from the Cambrian to the Miocene.

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