Tethys-releated tecronics in southern Eurasia
Convenors: Yongjiang Liu, Bo Wan, Wenjiao Xiao, Fuyuan Wu & Franz Neubauer

The southern part of the Eurasian continent records a more than 500 Ma-year long evolutionary history related to opening and closure of various Tethyan oceans including the Proto-, Paleo- and Neotethys oceans, which produced finally the huge Alpine-Himalaya orogenic belt. The session aims to trace and correlate, along-strike of the Tethyan belt, various geological processes from rifting to drifting, oceanic plate subduction, arc magmatism, continental collision, extrusion tectonics, surfacec uplift, and formation of related sedimentary basins between Europe and Asia. A further aim is to correlate the early geological processes of Proto- and Paleotethys with such within the Paleo-Asian Ocean. These versatile geologic records may help us to understand fundamental questions in geodynamics, magmatic, metamorphic and sedimentary geology of the southern Eurasian continent. We, therefore, encourage all researchers to submit contributions to our session, which are related to the tectonic evolution of southern Eurasian continent.

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