Active tectonics around the Adriatic microplate and its far-field effects
Conveners: Marko Vrabec; Kamil Ustaszewski, Christoph Grützner

The Adriatic microplate drives the Neogene to present tectonics in the Adria-Eurasia collision zone and is a hotspot of seismicity in Europe. Recent geodetic and seismological studies have refined our picture of convergence rates and kinematics of active faults during ongoing deformation in the eastern Southern Alps, the Dinarides, and adjacent sedimentary basins. We invite contributions from the fields of active tectonics research, tectonic geomorphology, neotectonics, and paleoseismology that aim to better characterise the motion of the Adriatic plate and the tectonic processes occurring at its boundaries. We additionally welcome studies dealing with far-field effects of the collision affecting the wider surrounding area.

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