Extreme Events and Natural Hazards in Alpine Environments
Conveners: Jörg Robl & Günther Prasicek

Extreme events such as rock fall, rock avalanches, debris flows and floods majorly contribute to shaping alpine environments through the gravitationally driven redistribution of rocks and water. The linkage between climate, extreme geomorphological events and natural hazards threating alpine infrastructure and settlements represents the common framework of all contributions in this session. In particular, we encourage the presentation of studies that take advantage of (1) long term monitoring, (2) local- and regional-scale field work, (3) remote sensing (e.g. lidar time series, satellite imaginary), (4) geomorphometric analyses, and (5) numerical modeling (e.g. models for rapid mass movements, fluvial erosion, bed load transport, slope stability, …) to determine timing, rates and volumes of hazardous earth surface processes. We further seek for studies presenting state of the art mitigation strategies against gravitationally driven natural hazards. Special emphasis is also given on discussing the role of climate change on the frequency and magnitude of episodic mass wasting processes and flooding events with significant erosion and bed load transport.

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