The role of volcanic geoheritage to promote better understanding of volcanic processes through geoeducation and geotourism
Conveners: Karoly Nemeth, Ingomar Fritz

Volcanic geoheritage research recently has produced fundamental advancement in our understanding to see their role in geotourism, geoeducation, and geohazard communications. This session primarely intends to call papers that specifically deal with volcanic geoheritage in areas currently has no active volcanism. As volcanoes and volcanic processes are among those geological phenomena that always fascinating humans, we call for presentations that explore these aspects of geoheritage in the Carpath-Balkan geological context. As Central Europe is the region where fundamental volcanic concepts developed in the dawn of geology, we also call for presentations exploring the geoheritage values of those sites in a volcanic context. We specifically are interested in submissions that connect old to sub-recent volcanic geoheritage sites to similar, but active regions developing interlinked geoeducational programs. Researches pushing the boundaries of volcanic geosite evaluation methods using advance technologies (eg GIS) are particularly welcommed. The session is sponsored by the International Association of Volcanology and Chemistry for the Earth Interior (IAVCEI) Commission on Volcanic Geoheritage and Protected Volcanic Landscapes.

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